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Selected Publications

Almudena Arcones

  1. H. Yasin, S. Schäfer, A. Arcones, and A. Schwenk, Equation of state effects in core-collapse supernovae, Phys. Rev. Lett 124, 092701 (2020).
  2. D. Watson et al., Identification of strontium in the merger of two neutron stars, Nature 574, 7779 (2019).
  3. L. Bovard, D. Martin, F. Guercilena, A. Arcones, L. Rezzolla, and O. Korobkin, r -process nucleosynthesis from matter ejected in binary neutron star mergers, Phys. Rev. D 96, 124005 (2017).
  4. D. Martin, A. Arcones, W. Nazarewicz, and E. Olsen, Impact of nuclear mass uncertainties on the r-process, Phys. Rev. Lett. 116, 121101 (2016).
  5. B.D. Metzger, G. Martínez-Pinedo, S. Darbha, E. Quataert, A. Arcones, D. Kasen, R. Thomas, P. Nugent, I.V. Panov, and N.T. Zinner, Electromagnetic counterparts of compact object mergers powered by the radioactive decay of r-process nuclei, Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 406, 2650 (2010)

Michaela Arnold

  1. A. D’Alessio, T. Mongelli, M. Arnold, S. Bassauer, J. Birkhan, M. Hilcker, T. Hüther, J. Isaak, L. Jürgensen, T. Klaus, P. von Neumann-Cosel, N. Pietralla, V. Yu. Ponomarev, P. C. Ries, R. Roth, M. Singer, G. Steinhilber, K. Vobig, and V. Werner, Precision measurement of the E2 transition strength to the 2+ state of 12C, Phys. Rev. C 102, 011302(R) (2020).
  2. M. Arnold, J. Birkhan, J. Pforr, N. Pietralla, F. Schließmann, M. Steinhorst, F. Hug, First operation of the superconducting Darmstadt linear electron accelerator as an energy recovery linac, Phys. Rev. Acc. Beams 23, 020101 (2020).
  3. T. Bahlo, M. Arnold, C. Burand, M. Herbert, N. Pietralla, F. Schließmann, M. Steinhorst, Development of an Active Phase Stabilization System for the S-DALINAC Injector, Nucl. Instrum. Methods Phys. Res. A 951, 163035 (2020).
  4. F. Hug, M. Arnold, T. Bahlo, J. Pforr, N. Pietralla, Beam Based Alignment of SRF Cavities in an Electron Injector Linac, Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1067, 032021 (2018).
  5. M. Lösler, M. Arnold, H. Bähr, C. Eschelbach, T. Bahlo, R. Grewe, F. Hug, L. Jürgensen, P. Winkemann, N. Pietralla, Hochpräzise Erfassung von Strahlführungselementen des Elektronenlinearbeschleunigers S-DALINAC, Fachbeitrag in zfv Ausgabe 6/2015 140. Jg., 346 (2015).

Thomas Aumann

  1. V. Vaquero, A. Jungclaus, T. Aumann, et al. Fragmentation of Single-Particle Strength around the Doubly Magic Nucleus 132Sn and the Position of the 0f5/2 Proton-Hole State in 131In. PRL 124, 022501(2020).
  2. T. Aumann, C.A. Bertulani. Indirect methods in nuclear astrophysics with relativistic radioactive beams. Prog. Nucl. Part. Phys., 103753 (2020).
  3. A. Revel et al. Strong Neutron Pairing in core+4n Nuclei. PRL 120, 152504 (2018).
  4. L. Atar et al. Quasifree (p,2p) Reactions on Oxygen Isotopes: Observation of Isospin Independence of the Reduced Single Particle Strength. PRL 120, 052501 (2018).
  5. T. Aumann, C.A. Bertulani, F. Schindler, S. Typel. Peeling Off Neutron Skins from Neutron-Rich Nuclei: Constraints on the Symmetry Energy from Neutron-Removal Cross Sections. PRL 119, 262501 (2017)

Andreas Bauswein

  1. A. Bauswein, N.-U. F. Bastian, D. B. Blaschke, K. Chatziioannou, J. A. Clark, T. Fischer, M. Oertel. Identifying a first-order phase transition in neutron star mergers through gravitational waves. PRL 122, 061102 (2019).
  2. A. Bauswein, O. Just, H.-T. Janka, N. Stergioulas. Neutron-star radius constraints from GW170817 and future detections. ApJL 850, L34 (2017).
  3. A. Bauswein, T. W. Baumgarte, H.-T. Janka. Prompt merger collapse and the maximum mass of neutron stars. PRL 111, 131101 (2013).
  4. A. Bauswein, S. Goriely, H.-T. Janka. Systematics of dynamical mass ejection, nucleosynthesis, and radioactively powered electromagnetic signals from neutron-star mergers. ApJ, Volume 773, 78 (2013).
  5. A. Bauswein, H.-T. Janka. Measuring Neutron Star Properties via Gravitational Waves from Neutron Star Mergers. PRL 108, 011101 (2012).

Michael Block

  1. S. Raeder et al., Probing Sizes and Shapes of Nobelium Isotopes by Laser Spectroscopy, Phys. Rev. Lett 120, 232503 (2018).
  2. M. Laatiaoui et al., Atom-at-a-time laser resonance ionization spectroscopy of nobelium, Nature 538, 495 (2016).
  3. S. Eliseev, K. Blaum, M. Block et al., Phase-Imaging Ion-Cyclotron-Resonance Measurements for Short-Lived Nuclides, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 082501 (2013).
  4. E. Haettner et al., Mass Measurements of Very Neutron-Deficient Mo and Tc Isotopes and Their Impact on rp Process Nucleosynthesis, Phys. Rev. Lett.106, 122501 (2011).
  5. M. Block et al., Direct mass measurements above uranium bridge the gap to the island of stability, Nature 463, 785 (2010).

Jens Braun

  1. L. Rammelmüller, A. C. Loheac, J.E. Drut, and J. Braun, Finite-temperature equation of state of polarized fermions at unitarity, Phys. Rev. Lett 121, 173001 (2018).
  2. M. Leonhardt, M. Pospiech, B. Schallmo, J. Braun, C. Drischler et al., Symmetric Nuclear Matter from the Strong Interaction; Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 142502 (2020).
  3. J. Braun, J.E. Drut, and D. Roscher, Zero-temperature equation of state of mass-imbalanced resonant Fermi gases, Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 050404 (2015).
  4. J. Braun, Fermion interactions and universal behavior in strongly interacting theories, J. Phys. G 39, 033001 (2012).
  5. J. Braun, L.M. Haas, F. Marhauser, and J.M. Pawlowski, Phase structure of two-flavor QCD at finite chemical potential, Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 022002 (2011).

Francesca Cuteri

  1. B. B. Brandt, F. Cuteri, G. Endrödi, S. Schmalzbauer, Dirac spectrum and the BEC-BCS crossover in QCD at nonzero isospin asymmetry, Particles 3 (2020).
  2. M. Baker, P. Cea, V. Chelnokov, L. Cosmai, F. Cuteri and A. Papa, Isolating the confining color field in the SU(3) flux tube, Eur. Phys. J. C 79 (2019) no.6, 478.
  3. F. Cuteri, O. Philipsen and A. Sciarra, QCD chiral phase transition from noninteger numbers of flavors, Phys. Rev. D 97 (2018) no.11, 114511.
  4. C. Czaban, F. Cuteri, O. Philipsen, C. Pinke and A. Sciarra, Roberge-Weiss transition in ܰNƒ = 2 QCD with Wilson fermions and ܰNƬ = 6, Phys. Rev. D 93 (2016) no.5, 054507.
  5. P. Cea, L. Cosmai, F. Cuteri and A. Papa, Flux tubes at finite temperature, JHEP 06 (2016), 033.

Hannah Elfner

  1. L.-G. Pang, K. Zhou, N. Su, H. Petersen, H. Stöcker and X.-N. Wang, An equation-of-state-meter of quantum chromodynamics transition from deep learning, Nature Communications 9, Article number: 210 (2018).
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  5. H. Petersen, J. Steinheimer, G. Burau, M. Bleicher and H. Stöcker, A Fully Integrated Transport Approach to Heavy-Ion Reactions with an Intermediate Hydrodynamic Stage, Phys. Rev. C 78, 044901(2008).

Tetyana Galatyuk

  1. J. Adamczewski-Musch et al. (HADES). Probing dense baryon-rich matter with virtual photons. Nature Phys. 15 (2019) 10.
  2. J. Adamczewski-Musch et al. (HADES). Identical pion intensity interferometry in central Au + Au collisions at 1.23A GeV. Phys.Lett.B 795 (2019).
  3. G. Agakishiev et al. (HADES). Searching a Dark Photon with HADES. Phys.Lett.B 731 (2014).
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  5. G. Agakishiev et al. (HADES). Origin of the low-mass electron pair excess in light nucleus-nucleus collisions. Phys.Lett.B 690 (2010).

Yury A. Litvinov

  1. Y. Litvinov, F. Bosch, Beta-decay of highly-charged ions, Rep. Prog. Phys. 74 (2011) 016301.
  2. F. Bosch, Y. Litvinov, T. Stöhlker, Nuclear Physics with Unstable Ions at Storage Rings, Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 73 (2013) 84—140.
  3. J. Ullmann, et al., High precision hyperfine measurements in Bismuth challenge boundstate strong-field QED, Nature Comm. 8 (2017) 15484.
  4. J. Glorius, et al., Approaching the Gamow Window with Stored Ions: Direct Measurement of 124Xe(p;Ɣ) in the ESR …, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122 (2019) 092701.
  5. V. Manea, et al., First Glimpse of the N = 82 Shell Closure below Z = 50 from Masses of NeutronRich Cadmium Isotopes and Isomers, Phys. Rev. Lett. 124 (2020) 092502.

Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo

  1. O. S. Kirsebom, S. Jones, D. F. Strömberg, G. Martínez-Pinedo, K. Langanke, et al, Discovery of an Exceptionally Strong ȕ-Decay Transition of 20F and Implications for the Fate of Intermediate-Mass Stars, Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 262701 (2019), DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.123.262701
  2. M.-R. Wu, J. Barnes, G. Martínez-Pinedo, and B.D. Metzger, Fingerprints of heavy-element nucleosynthesis in the late-time lightcurves of kilonovae, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 062701 (2019), DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.122.062701
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  4. M.-R. Wu, R. Fernández, G. Martínez-Pinedo, and B. D. Metzger, Production of the entire range of r – process nuclides by black hole accretion disc outflows from neutron star mergers, Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 463, 2323 (2016), DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stw2156
  5. J. Barnes, D. Kasen, M.-R. Wu, and G. Martínez-Pinedo, Radioactivity and Thermalization in the Ejecta of Compact Object Mergers and their Impact on Kilonova Light Curves, Astrophys. J. 829, 110 (2016). DOI: 10.3847/0004-637X/829/2/110

Guy D. Moore

  1. J. Cline, S. Jeon, G. D. Moore. The Phantom Menaced: Constraints on Low-Energy Effective Ghosts. Phys. Rev. D 70 043543 (2004).
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Alexandre Obertelli

  1. R. Taniuchi, C. Santamaria, P. Doornenbal, A. Obertelli et al. 78Ni revealed as a doubly magic stronghold against nuclear deformation. Nature 569, 7754 (2019).
  2. S. Chen, J. Lee, P. Doornenbal, A. Obertelli et al. Quasifree neutron knockout from 54Ca corroborates arising N=34 neutron magic number. PRL 123, 142501 (2019).
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  5. C. Santamaria, C. Louchart, A. Obertelli et al. Extension of the N=40 Island of Inversion towards N=50: Spectroscopy of 66Cr, 70,72Fe. PRL 115, 192501 (2015).

Owe Philipsen

  1. J. Glesaaen, M. Neuman and O. Philipsen, Equation of state for cold and dense heavy QCD, JHEP 1603, 100 (2016).
  2. O. Philipsen, The QCD equation of state from the lattice, Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 70, 55 (2013).
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Norbert Pietralla

  1. C. Kremer, S. Aslanidou, S. Bassauer, M. Hilcker, A. Krugmann, P. von Neumann-Cosel, T. Otsuka, N. Pietralla et al., First Measurement of Collectivity of Coexisting Shapes Based on Type II Shell Evolution: The Case of 96Zr. Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 172503 (2016).
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Rene Reifarth

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Luciano Rezzolla

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Dirk H. Rischke

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Laura Sagunski

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Stefan Schippers

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Achim Schwenk

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Thomas Stöhlker

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Joachim Stroth

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