Exploring the Universe
from Microscopic to Macroscopic Scales.

Exploring the Universe
from Microscopic to Macroscopic Scales.

The Research Cluster ELEMENTS: Exploring the Universe from Microscopic to Macroscopic Scales brings together world-leading scientists from distinct fields of research to combine the microscopical scales of elementary particles with the macroscopical scales of astrophysical objects.

The ultimate goal is to address the question of the origin of the heavy chemical elements, such as platinum and gold, in our universe.

We are currently applying for funding as a Cluster of Excellence. 

Read about the fundamental-physics questions ELEMENTS is answering in different Working Areas and take a look at our research facilities.

Are you interested in exploring the elements? Come discover the universe with us at one of our various outreach events! 

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More than 100 physicists from different fields are working together in ELEMENTS. Get to know us!

Find out about our international research collaborations and scholarships for students.

Take a look at our program for Early Career Researchers and Equal Opportunities and learn how to join us.

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