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ELEMENTS aims to provide the German society in particular – and the worldwide community more in general – with a full account of the scientific achievements and that will be obtained and of the excitement that the scientists have obtained in reaching such results. Apart from classical PR (new relesease on scientific results, social media and web communication, short explanatory videos) ELEMENTS research will be presented in the university publications with the greatest outreach and highest circulation, such as Forschung Frankfurt” (in a special issue on the topic of outer space), “UniReport”, “GoetheSpektrum”, “Einblick” and the yearbook (Goethe University) and “hoch3”, “hoch3 FORSCHEN” and the research report (Technical University of Darmstadt). Further, a travelling photo exhibition is planned on the ELEMENTS researchers and their work.

Nothwithstanding the serious limitations to this program that may come from the restrictions enforced by the Covid-19 pandemia, ELEMENTS plans a series of public outreach events:

Public Events