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At ELEMENTS, we believe in making science relatable and accessible to everyone. We are passionate about sharing our research with people from various backgrounds, using different methods to engage and inspire both children and adults.

Discover our interactive exhibit:

The Neutron Star

As a lot of our research orbits around them and we believe they are truly fascinating astronomical objects, we shrunk a full-size neutron star to a handy 50 cm sphere. It can be taken apart to uncover its inner secrets and travels with us to public events and schools.

We regularly contribute to the following events:


The “Brückenschlagen” (bridge-building) project at Goethe University arranges school lectures and science days at Frankfurt schools. Researchers and scientists from the region present current research aspects and discuss them with pupils.

Citizens' University

The Citizens’ University (“Bürger-Uni”) at Goethe University fosters a continuous dialogue between the university and the local community with events held both in the heart of Frankfurt and on campus.


The nationwide “Girls’Day” and “Boys’Day” take place in April every year and aim at empowering pupils to explore careers in fields typically associated with the opposite gender.

Night of Science

The “Night of Science” is an annual event organized by students, taking place on Campus Riedberg of Goethe University. From afternoon until the early hours of the morning, scientists entertain the public with a wide variety of talks, shows and other activities.

Meet a Scientist

Every fall, school classes can invite a GSI scientist (virtually) into their classroom to give a talk and answer numerous questions as part of “Meet a Scientist”.

Saturday Morning Physics

“Saturday Morning Physics” is a series of lectures for high school students, taking place each November and December at TU Darmstadt.

Tag der Naturwissenschaften

The annual “Tag der Naturwissenschaften” (Science Day) is hosted for pupils in 10th grade to provide them with information and guidance about their subject choices in high school (“Oberstufe”).