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Open Science

Open Science and Research Data Management are important for promoting transparency, collaboration, and efficient use of resources in scientific research. They help ensure the integrity of scientific findings and enable researchers to build on previous work.

What are Research Data?

Research data are all kinds of information that is related to and produced during the research process. It not only includes data in terms of numerical values, but can be seen from a much broader view. This is how the DFG defines research data:

Research data includes measurement data, laboratory values, audiovisual information, texts, survey data, objects from collections or samples that are created in the course of scientific work, developed or evaluated. Methodological test procedures, such as questionnaires, software and simulations can also represent central results of scientific research and should therefore also be should therefore also be included under the term research data.

Research Data in ELEMENTS

The data generated in ELEMENTS include primary data recorded with particle detectors in experiments at particle accelerators, dedicated software simulating heavy-ion collisions and neutron star mergers up to the technical design and development of new instrumentation. Our primary data are shared with third parties upon reasonable request. Datasets that are presented and discussed in published articles are made available on appropriate data repositories along with descriptive metadata.

Open Access

The dissemination of scientific findings is of great importance to us. Therefore, publications emerging from research in ELEMENTS are made openly available either via uploading the accepted manuscript on (Green Open Access) or via open access publications in the journal itself (Gold or Diamond Open Access).