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Universe on Tour

26. – 30.07.2023

As part of the Science Year “Our Universe”, the travelling planetarium will also make a stop close to us! ELEMENTS will be on site with the interactive Neutron Star the entire week. On Wednesday at 8 pm, René Reifarth will give a public talk on the formation of elements.

More information: Universe on Tour – BMBF Wissenschaftsjahr 2023

Where? Kellereiplatz, Hofheim am Taunus
When? 26 to 30 July 2023

Image: BMBF / Wissenschaftsjahr 2023. bundesfoto, Christina Czybik

Wissenschaftsjahr 2023 – Unser Universum: Auftakt zur Roadshow „Universe on Tour – Licht aus! Sterne an!” im Stadthafen Haedgehalbinsel in Rostock, 09. Mai 2023. Credit: BMBF / bundesfoto / Christina Czybik

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