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Leibniz-Prize 2022 awarded to ELEMENTS’ Principal Investigator Professor Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo

Today, December 9th, 2021 the German Research Council (DFG) announced the ten awardees of the prestigeous Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz-Prize for the year 2022. Amongst them is Professor Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo. The DFG highlights Professor Martinez Pinedo’s scientific oeuvre on the natural nucleosynthesis of heavy chemical elements in the Universe and his contributions to the recognition of neutron-star merger events appearing as transient kilonovae as the sites for the rapid-neutron capture process of the cosmic nucleosynthesis, i.e., the scientific core theme of the Hessian Research Cluster ELEMENTS.

Professor Martínez-Pinedo is affiliated at TU Darmstadt and GSI/FAIR. Apart from his activities in our Research Cluster ELEMENTS he is also a Principal Investigator of the Collaborative Research Center SFB 1245 at TU Darmstadt and holds an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council.

The Research Cluster ELEMENTS congratulates Professor Martinez Pinedo to the well-deserved recognition of his ground-breaking scientific achievements.

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