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LOEWE Top Professorship awarded to Achim Schwenk

Achim Schwenk recently received a prestigious LOEWE Top Professorship from the state of Hesse. Achim Schwenk has been a part of TU Darmstadt’s Department of Physics since 2009 and joined ELEMENTS as a Principal Investigator in 20221, contributing significantly to research and teaching in the field.

Under the LOEWE research funding program, Achim Schwenk has been granted approximately 1.9 million euros over the course of five years to support his groundbreaking research into the forces at play within atomic nuclei and neutron stars. The LOEWE funding will facilitate the development of innovative calculations for neutron-rich nuclei, which play a crucial role in the formation of heavy elements in the universe.

Learn more about the funding here (in German).

Achim Schwenk
© Katrin Binner

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