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Nearly 40,000 people experience “Highlights der Physik” in Kiel

For a week, Kiel’s Rathausplatz turned into the scientific hub during the science festival “Highlights der Physik”. With a vast interactive exhibition, diverse programs for children and youth, and captivating lectures, the festival demonstrated how exciting and accessible science can be. It drew an enthusiastic crowd of 38,800 visitors.

Visitors at over 30 exhibition stands and displays on Rathausplatz had the opportunity to experience physics up close and have researchers explain the mysteries of glowing cucumbers, levitating cakes, and the workings of Lego telescope stations. Reinhold Kaiser and Phyllis Mania represented ELEMENTS with the interactive Neutron Star, which not only captivated numerous students and passersby but also caught the attention of none other than TV host Harald Lesch.

Learn more about “Highlights der Physik” here (in German).

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