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Save the Date: 2nd Stroll through the Universe

After Christmas, we’ll take you on a very special walk again: we’ll stroll through the universe!

Together with Prof. Robert Roth of the TURM Observatory at Technical University Darmstadt, we will go on a discovery tour of the winter night sky. With the help of live-controlled telescopes in Spain, we will travel many light-years into the past and visit various astronomical objects ranging from galaxy clusters to giant stars to fantastically shaped nebulae.

There will be a lot to learn about the research topics of ELEMENTS at each station. How did the very first stars form? What happens at the end of a star’s life? Where do these neutron stars, the visible “little brothers” of black holes, actually hide? And what do they have to do with the formation of gold?

The event will take place online on Twitch on 27 December 2022. In case of bad views, the event might be postponed to 29 December. No registration or login is required. During the event, there will be an opportunity to ask questions via chat. For details and updates keep an eye on our events and Twitter.

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