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Joachim Stroth

Principal Investigator

Joachim Stroth is internationally recognised as a leading figure in relativistic heavy-ion physics, in particular for establishing a highly visible research program of HADES on the exploration of the QCD phase diagram in the region of highest net-baryon density. He is also well recognized for his contributions to instrumentation.

He has contributed to a broad field of accelerator driven experiments including atomic physics (“atomic heavy-ion reaction clock”), nuclear structure (“double giant dipole resonance”) and extreme QCD matter physics (“thermal dilepton radiation”). He co-authored more than 445 papers in refereed journals (15 in PRL). Google scholar reports a h-index of 45 and a total of 8630 citations.


Prof. Dr. Joachim Stroth

Institute for Theoretical Physics
Goethe University Frankfurt

Max-von-Laue-Str. 1
60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Secretary: Marianne Frey