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Laura Sagunski

Principal Investigator

Laura Sagunski is theoretical physicist whose research lies at the unique interface of gravitational-wave physics, particle physics and cosmology. The target of her research is to solve the very fundamental open questions in the evolution of our Universe, namely the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy (or possible modifications of general relativity).

To address this tremendous challenge, however, she does not only use cosmological tools and astrophysical data, but also a powerful new tool to explore the Universe: gravitational waves. In her research, she turns merging black holes and neutron stars into cosmic labs and uses their gravitational wave signals to test the very foundations of general relativity and the unknown particle nature of dark matter.


Prof. Dr. Laura Sagunski

Institute for Theoretical Physics
Goethe University Frankfurt

Max-von-Laue-Str. 1
Room 2.232
60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany