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Thomas Aumann

Principal Investigator

Thomas Aumann is internationally recognized as a leader in experimental nuclear physics with radioactive beams. As such, he also holds a leading role in the biggest international experiments with high-energy radioactive beams, the R3B Collaboration at FAIR, Germany (Chair of Collaboration Board), the SAMURAI Collaboration at RIBF, Japan (Member of the Steering Board), and the EXL Collaboration at FAIR (Spokesperson).

He served also as member of the Board of FAIR Collaborations and the Board of Representatives for the NuSTAR Collaboration. The scientific research of Thomas Aumann focuses on experimental nuclear physics with exotic-ion beams and real-photon beams with emphasis on nuclear structure, nuclear astrophysics, reactions, and associated detector developments. He conducts experimental programs at several accelerator facilities including GSI (Germany), RIBF at RIKEN (Japan) and RCNP in Osaka (Japan).


Prof. Dr. Thomas Aumann

Experimentelle Kernphysik
Technische Universität Darmstadt

S2|14 414
Schlossgartenstr. 9

64289 Darmstadt, Germany