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Thomas Stöhlker

Principal Investigator

Thomas Stöhlker is internationally renowned experimental physicist in strong field QED and strong field phenomena related to heavy, highly charged ions and strong laser fields. He has particular expertise in experiments with stored and trapped highly charged ion and atomic photonic, photonic collisions with emphasis on atomic physics and the border between atomic and nuclear physics, such as relevant for the investigation of astrophysical phenomena. More over his expertise expands to ion storage techniques, ion sources, particle detectors, gaseous targets, x-ray detection techniques, x-ray imaging techniques, particle cooling techniques, and applications of high-power lasers.

Thomas Stöhlker has published more than 506 papers on various refereed journals, many of which as Letters (e.g., 41 in Physical Review Letters). The h-index amounts to 43 (ISI web of science) with 7557 citations (Google scholar: h-index 53 with 11413 citations)


Prof. Dr. Thomas Stöhlker

Physikalisch-Astronomische Fakultät
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Helmholtz-Institut Jena
Fröbelstieg 3
07743 Jena, Germany