Girls’Day 2022 with ELEMENTS


At this virtual event, pupils go on a journey to the smallest particles of the universe with physicists of ELEMENTS. Michaela Arnold will take us on a virtual tour of the particle accelerator in Darmstadt, where electrons can be accelerated close to the speed of light. For example, the origin of heavy elements in the universe can be investigated here. Afterwards, pupils have the chance to “conduct research” themselves and get to meet female physicists in different positions. Laura Sagunski and Francesca Cuteri, together with other members of the equality council of Goethe University’s Physics department, will exchange views with the attendees.

The Girls’ Day is a nationwide career and study orientation day that introduces girls to professions or fields of study in which women make up less than 40 percent of the workforce.

Where? online
When? 28 April 2022

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