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Invitation to 63rd Cracow School of Theoretical Physics

The Cracow School of Theoretical Physics is organized yearly since 1961 in Zakopane, winter and summer resort town located in the High Tatra Mountains approximately 100 km south of a historical city of Krakow, a former capital of Poland. The main idea of the School consists in reviewing the important results in particle physics, both experimental and theoretical from last year or two. The subject of the 63rd School will be physics of nuclear matter at extreme densities and high temperatures. 

The aim of the School is to provide an overview of the CBM project, review of experimental data from RHIC, LHC and GSI experiments, to present current understanding of the physical phenomena relevant to the physics of nuclear matter at extreme conditions, as well as the theoretical expectations from the future experiments.

Click here for more information on this year’s School. Registration closes on 31 July.

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