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Successful Second Annual ELEMENTS Conference in Bad Nauheim

The second annual conference of ELEMENTS took place from 11 to 13 July 2023, attracting 75 participants from Goethe University, TU Darmstadt, GSI, and other institutions. The event provided a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

During each session, the Working Area representatives gave an overview talk and Early Career Researchers shared new insights. Invited talks were delivered by Mattia Bulla (University of Ferrara), Beatriz Jurado (Le CNRS en Aquitaine), Brian Metzger (Columbia University), Milton Ruiz Meneses (University of Illinois/Universitat de València), and Nu Xu (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory). In the evenings, an interactive Gong Show and poster session featured the latest research results, sparking engaging discussions. Attendees enjoyed socializing and networking opportunities during the ECR night.

The conference also addressed cross-sectional topics, including Research Data Management, Equal Opportunities, and Science Communication. The General Assembly provided members with updates on recent activities, finances, and organizational matters. Work Area 4 elected Gabriel Martínez-Pinedo as the new representative and Camilla Juul Hansen as deputy representative.

On the last day, awards were presented for outstanding ECR presentations. Daniel Schmitt won the award for Best Poster, Niklas Schild won the award for Best PhD Talk and Christine Collins (GSI) was awarded for the Best Postdoc Talk. Finally, Laura Sagunski received the newly created award for social commitment to equal opportunities. Congratulations!

The second annual conference was a fruitful and collaborative event. Notably, ELEMENTS demonstrated its commitment to inclusivity by providing child care services throughout the conference, ensuring that all parents could actively participate.

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