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Virtual Christmas Stroll in ELEMENTS

ELEMENTS would like to invite you for a virtual Christmas Stroll through the Universe on 29 December 2021. It is organised in cooperation with the

1st Guest-Workshop in ELEMENTS-WA3

World-renown shell-model expert, Professor Dr. Takaharu Otsuka, University of Tokyo, Japan, visited the scientists of ELEMENTS and contributed to the Guest-Workshop on “Experimental Developments with

First General Assembly of ELEMENTS

On 22 October 2021, the General Assembly of ELEMENTS took place for the first time, adopting the Research Cluster’s Bylaws and Code of Conduct. Currently,

New released book by Luciano Rezzolla

The irresistible attraction of gravity extends far beyond our planet – to the mysterious phenomenon of black holes. Luciano Rezzolla, an astrophysicist researching and teaching